Install NetApp onCommand on Linux 64bits

Linux users wanting to use the NetApp onCommand tool on 64bits are granted with the fact that it is not possible to do so.
Since it is a java application, here is a simple workaround that worked for me (opensuse 12.1 64bits – sun’s java).

– Download the linux rpm package.
– Install rpmrebuild
– Launch the following command:
[sourcecode language=’bash’]rpmrebuild -e -p sysmgr-setup-2-0R1-linux.rpm[/sourcecode]

– Edit around l.3726, comment out the line that says exit, something like:
[sourcecode language=’bash’]
echo “ERROR: NetApp OnCommand System Manager 2.0 is not supported on 64-bit Linux”
echo “OVERRIDING !!”
#exit 1;

– Continue and install the rpm.

Go to /opt/NetApp/on_command_system_manager_2.0. If running KDE, start typing ‘netapp’ in your krunner. You should also find it in your menu.

or launch: [sourcecode language=’bash’]java -jar SystemManager.jar[/sourcecode]