Fed up of re-opening your ssh sessions after suspend?

Every morning, when I come to work, there are a set of machines I need to get connected to. Of course, since I s2d or s2r my laptop overnight, the previous day ssh sessions are lost. Even worse, they take time to actually kick me out to my local prompt.

If you’re using gnome-terminal, you can write a small shell script that will open up these sessions for you. All my servers use private/public keys as login method, so with the help of the ssh-agent, it is a straight through login for all servers.

[sourcecode language=’bash’]

GT=`which gnome-terminal`

$GT –window –maximize –profile=prod –title=”serverprod” -e “ssh server1″
–tab –profile=prod –title=”serverprod2” -e “ssh server1″
–tab –profile=dev –title=”serverdev1” -e “ssh server2″
–tab –profile=dev –title=”serverdev2” -e “ssh server2″
–tab –title=”servertest1” -e “ssh server3″
–tab –title=”servertest2” -e “ssh server3”

KDE broken after latest updates

I don’t know what broke my openSUSE 11.4 KDE.

After the latest updates, including a kernel update, KDE would not display my windows anymore, fglrx driver seemed lost despite compiling successfully. Wanted to revert back to older kernel to see, but as usual and for years now, updates actually delete the previous kernel — this is really annoying.

So on IceWM. If anyone has an idea why latest updates/FGLRX/KDE is broken, please shoot me an email.